Passion Vignettes

Laser-focused essential narratives in <3 minutes. 

Other Projects from Jesse Barlow

Grace Studio: Mind and Body, Community

Beyond a space for dance, yoga and language lessons for all ages, Grace Studio is a community of peace that attracts students from an always-changing population of 50,000+ Americans in the area. While unique in offering both dance and yoga under one roof, competition on-base from youth services and fitness centers prompted Jenny to develop a narrative to distinguish her studio: 

“Grace is a place where everyone is welcome, and everyone can feel at home, because at Grace … you can be yourself.” 


"When we were first given Caleb's diagnosis of autism, our first thought was 'Where are we going to find a place to get him help?'"
- Marty Masterson, parent

My video production and web development work for the The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale serves three primary audiences: 

  • Parents of children with autism spectrum disorders seeking services
  • Behavior analysis and speech language pathology students seeking graduate internships
  • Clinicians, educators and researchers seeking educational resources

Autism DVD cover

"Jesse is someone who is able to delve into and understand the subject matter of his projects and to bridge theoretical research and applied media production."
- Dr. Jordy Jones, Academic Advisor and Mentor

"The Center's work certainly was enhanced by the outstanding contribution that Jesse Barlow made."
- Dr. Anthony Cuvo, Center Co-Founder and Autism Researcher

"Visuality in The Clinical Setting" Graduate Research Project 

This thesis explores my role as media producer for an autism therapy and diagnosis center. Specifically, I investigate two historical case studies in which photographic and video documentary is employed in clinical settings, including Hugh Diamond's photography of the insane in mid-19th century England and Frederick Wiseman's 1967 documentary “The Titicut Follies.” My analysis draws from Michel Foucault's notions of subjectivity and discourse, and I probe the tension between innate psychological conditions and the framing power of the camera and editor to produce these conditions. I posit that video and photographic documentaries frame the autistic subject rather than revealing a condition that is readily apparent, and that the truth-value of these representations is limited to the discursive context in which they are deployed. 

"Visuality in the Clinical Setting" (PDF, 19 pages)

aboutJesse Barlow, M.S. 

Interdisciplinary media arts professional specializing in project management, video production and user experience design.

Jesse is an American third-culture media arts professional who has traveled to over 40 countries and has lived in the Midwest and Northwest United States, Germany, Panama and Japan. His passion is documentary/non-fiction filmmaking, graphic design, and the pursuit of balance and perfection within the context of his own work. His dream is to interview Tibetan monks in India and master vegan curry while networking with creative intellectuals and continue filmmaking as a traveling techno-minimalist.


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